Why all the fuss about project management? Surely it's just a form of management, plan, lead, organise and control?

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Yes, project management is a form of management, but quite a special form. What makes project management unique is that something new and different from anything else, something that's never been done before, has to be achieved and managed. In all projects, there is a definite start date and a definite end date and, most often, a definite budget. So, project management is about managing the plan on how to achieve what has to be achieved and ensuring that whatever has to be done will be done on time, i.e. no later than the date specified. And, making sure that the achievement does not cost more than the amount budgeted for it. In essence, project management is about managing something that has to happen in the future, whereas conventional management manages stuff that's happening now, more like keeping things running. This is why risk management is so important in project management: you are working in the uncertain and unpredictable future and lots can go wrong, go wrong,........

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Q1 - How is Ithuta JV's Courses different from the norm?
Bob and Len approaches all course content and delivery from decades of experience "at the rockface" and shares this with the trainees.

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