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Better Public Speaking

Announcements, PM Articles, Best Practices, Project Communications, PM Skills Development
Source: Mind Tools - eNewsletter 262 Whether we're talking in a team meeting or presenting in front of an audience, we all have to speak in public from time to time. We can do this well or we can do this badly, and the outcome strongly affects the way… more »

The 3 Rs of Project Management

Announcements, Project Management, Project Management Methodology, Quality Management, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew It may be said that a social contract, between a project team, the mother organisation, the client and society in general, is required to maintain trust. This type of social contract could be based on the ‘3 Rs’:… more »

Practical Wisdom and Project Management

Announcements, Project Management, Project Management Methodology, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew We need more wisdom in our lives, not the wisdom of philosophers and poets, but practical everyday wisdom, that will help us do the right things in the right way. These are the words of Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sh… more »

The Simple Things of Project Communications

Announcements, Project Management Methodology, Project Planning, HR Management, Project Communications, Project Scope Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew Good communications can make a project a great success and bad communications a project disaster. Despite the wide range of technology to manage and control project communications, such as shareware, document… more »

Managing Projects With Hearts and Heads

Announcements, PM Articles, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew The University of Washington’s School of Business Administration now offers an executive program on Emotional Intelligence, which it defines as “the ability to regulate emotions in a way that enhances communication and… more »

Project Teamwork Does not Have To Be An Illusion

Announcements, Project Coaching & Mentoring, PM Articles, Best Practices, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew Derren Brown is a British illusionist, well known for his startling mind-reading acts shown on television around the world. Although he says his results are a combination of “magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection… more »

Be Wary of Vendor References, But Use them to Your Advantage

Source: TenStep Article by Tom Mochal If you are considering purchasing a software or hardware product from a vendor, you are going to perform some sort of evaluation. Of course, the amount of time you spend doing due-diligence is directly related to… more »

The PMO exists at the intersection of Business and Project Management

Announcements, Project Portfolio Management, Project Management Office
Source: Article written by Ron Holohan, MBA PMP - an extract from the pm411 Project Management Podcast Episode 054: The complete PMO (part 1 of 2, which can be downloaded here. PMO's were originally created to help support the technical function… more »

What Can we Learn from IT, HR, Soft Skills Projects?

Announcements, Project Management, Project Management Methodology, Benchmarking
It has become clear to me that Project Management in the "brick and mortar" game [Construction of large Infrastructure related projects such as buildings, dams, bridges, roads etc..., or Minerals Extraction projects such as mines, processing plants,… more »

History of Project Management

Projects, loosely defined as single endeavours that utilise resources with definite starting and finishing dates, have been undertaken for thousands of years. Emerging technologies of the time have been used to create unique and wonderful outcomes,… more »
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