Category: "Project Reporting" - Status Reports That Stupefy

PM Articles, Best Practices, Project Reporting
Source: Articles by Dick Billows of 4PM Summary: Do your status reports leave executives with less decision making data than they had before you started to talk? See a bad status report and then learn the best practices. All too often Executives… more »

The Scientific Method and Project Management

Project Management, Project Management Methodology, Project Planning, Project Reporting, Project Scope Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew The scientific method is what keeps scientists busy and earns them a living. Using established principles and processes of discovery and demonstration, they observe nature and physical phenomena, formulate hypotheses… more »

Communicate Thoughts and Meanings Not Facts and Data

Project Management, Project Communications, Project Reporting
Source - Article by Bob Andrew Steven Rose, in The Making of Memory, describes how many ancient philosophers were dubious about having a written culture. They claimed that writing was inhuman-it depersonalised thoughts and weakened the mind.… more »

Communicate Proactively Based on Your Project Size

Best Practices, Progress Meetings, Project Communications, Project Reporting
Source: TenStep Article by Tom Mochal Communication - Just Do It! Project managers must get over the fear and reluctance to communicate proactively. Communication is a powerful arrow in your project management quiver. I have seen projects where the… more »

Status Reports and Status Meetings

Time Management, Best Practices, Progress Meetings, Project Communications, Project Reporting
Source: TenStep Article by Tom Mochal Practice Good Meeting Fundamentals In general, all meetings should have an agenda. The creation of the agenda takes a little extra work, but it can be as simple as writing it in an email and sending it to the… more »
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