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The 3 Rs of Project Management

Announcements, Project Management, Project Management Methodology, Quality Management, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew It may be said that a social contract, between a project team, the mother organisation, the client and society in general, is required to maintain trust. This type of social contract could be based on the ‘3 Rs’:… more »

Problem Analysis and Decision Making

Project Management, Project Risk Management, Quality Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew Each of us, every day of our lives, have to make decisions. Our decisions can be small, big, critical or mundane. Generally, we don’t make the best decisions even if we have the best information. This is often because… more »

Putting Good People in the Right Jobs

Project Management, Value Management, Quality Management, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew In many of companies, especially ‘high-profile’ ones, which often have no difficulty in attracting superior staff, you will generally find very few poor performers, but you often find good people who are in the wrong… more »

Project Team Obligations

Project Management, Quality Management, HR Management, Project Communications
Source - Article by Bob Andrew A lot has been written about the responsibilities of a Project Manager, for example, to provide a clear understanding of project objectives, define all roles and responsibilities, review and supervise the execution plan… more »

Does Your Project Need a Quality Process or Quality Activities?

Best Practices, Quality Management
Source: TenStep Article by Tom Mochal Summary: Quality management processes must be scaled to the size of the project. Remember that there is a cost to managing quality, as well as a benefit. The effort and time required to manage quality must not… more »
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