Category: "Time Management"

How Good is Your Time Management?

Time Management, PM Skills Development
Source: Mind Tools Article Discover time management tools that can help you How often do you find yourself running out of time? Weekly, daily, hourly? For many, it seems that there's just never enough time in the day to get everything done. When you… more »

Project Simplicity

Project Management, Time Management, Project Management Methodology, Project Planning, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew A famous cricketer once said: “Cricket is a simple game, if you play it simply”. Similarly, project management is simple, if you keep things simple. The most famous commentator on simplicity was probably the 14th… more »

Complex and Complicated Projects Can Benefit From Simplicity

Project Management, Time Management, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew Some projects are complex in nature with many interdependent and interrelated components. Some projects are complicated with difficult-to-understand and intertwined processes and procedures. And of course, some projects… more »

Johnny Cash’s Piece-By-Piece Motor Car

Project Management, Time Management, Project Management Methodology, Project Planning
Source - Article by Bob Andrew Summary This article uses the song 'One Piece at a Time' by Johnny Cash, where a car is built over 20 years using components from different years, as a metaphor for ensuring that changes in project parameters are… more »

Status Reports and Status Meetings

Time Management, Best Practices, Progress Meetings, Project Communications, Project Reporting
Source: TenStep Article by Tom Mochal Practice Good Meeting Fundamentals In general, all meetings should have an agenda. The creation of the agenda takes a little extra work, but it can be as simple as writing it in an email and sending it to the… more »

Time, Information and Energy

Time Management
Three resources are required to accomplish any given task; information (knowledge); work (energy) and time. These three resources are interrelated; e.g. we use less energy if we do something slowly and require more information and knowledge if we don’t… more »
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