Category: "Value Management"

What Do Project Managers, Edward Hubble and Bats Have in Common?

Project Management, Project Risk Management, Project Management Methodology, Value Management, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew The famous Austrian physicist, Christian Johann Doppler, gave his name to a very important phenomenon in physics called the Doppler Effect. Light and sound waves appear to change their frequency if the source of the… more »

Individual Worth and Professionalism

Project Management, Value Management, Best Practices, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew One of the most subjective and misunderstood words in the English language is ‘value’. Engineers define value as function (or performance) per unit cost. The cheaper an item is, for a given function, the higher its… more »

Putting Good People in the Right Jobs

Project Management, Value Management, Quality Management, HR Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew In many of companies, especially ‘high-profile’ ones, which often have no difficulty in attracting superior staff, you will generally find very few poor performers, but you often find good people who are in the wrong… more »

The Role of Materials in Constructability Reviews

Project Risk Management, Managing Project Corrosion Risks, Project SHE Management (OHS Act), Construction Project Management, Value Management
Source - Article by Bob Andrew The concept of ‘constructability’ is well known in construction project management. A constructability review is applied during the project feasibility stage, as well as during other stages of the project, to identify… more »

The Role of Value Management When Choices Have to be Made

Value Management, PM Articles, Project Planning
Source - Article by Bob Andrew Summary: Decision-making when there are multiple choices can be extremely difficult and can lead to great frustration. There are two types of decision-makers: maximisers, who only want the best and satisficers, who… more »

The Payoff of Integrating Requirements Management with PLM

Value Management, Project Portfolio Management
Source: Catia Community Feature written by Don Creswell Welcome to ValuePoint™, a column featuring tips and techniques for improving the economic value of New Product Development (NPD). This first column concentrates on what I call “The Missing… more »

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